Daftar Situs Penting Untuk Belajar SEO

SEO atau search engine optimization masih tetap menjadi fundamental bisnis online, karena dapat menentukan keberhasilan sebuah situs di internet. Dan ilmu SEO akan terus berkembang seiring dengan perubahan algoritma mesin pencari.

Gambar Proses SEO
Berikut ini adalah daftar sejumlah situs penting yang bisa kita jadikan rujukan untuk mempelajari ilmu SEO dan Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Beberapa di antaranya mungkin sudah tidak aktif, tetapi sebagian besar masih tetap dapat dikunjungi.

Blog Personal Seputar SEO dan SEM

  • Threadwatch – A popular community blog on all things search
  • SearchEngineWatch Blog – SEW, operated by Danny Sullivan, is one of the most respected sources for SEO and search news inside and outside the webdev community
  • SEO-Scoop – Donna Fontenot’s personal and often introspective take on SEO
  • StuntDubl – Todd Malicoat’s SEO tips and tricks journal
  • Cre8pc Blog – Kim Krause Berg presents on usability, marketing, webdev and the search markets
  • Jim Boykin’s SEO Thoughts – The owner of WeBuildPages, a reknowned development and SEO shop, Jim’s blog is geared to industry insiders and those who want an expert view
  • Matt Cutts – One of Google’s search engineers, Matt is Google’s official representative to the SEO world
  • SERoundtable – Barry Schwartz’s roundup of all things search related
  • SEOBook – Aaron Wall’s accompaniment to his excellent book on SEO
  • Link Building Blog – Patrick Gavin and Andy Hagans of Text Link Ads combine for great advice on the subject of where and how to get links to your site
  • Search Engine Journal – Loren Baker’s collection of posts and guest writers about events and phenomenon in SEO/M
  • Marketing Pilgrim – Andy Beal’s journal of the search engine space and SEO events
  • Google Blogoscoped – Philipp Lenssen’s journal of Google events, with an SEO bend

Forum SEO/SEM dan Web Deleopment

  • Cre8asite Forums – Cre8asite is an open community of dedicated SEOs, usablity professionals, web developers and others who come together to provide some of the best advice related to online marketing and development on the net. It’s also where you’ll find myself (randfish) moderating and posting on a daily basis
  • SEW Forums – Danny Sullivan’s Search Engine Watch website’s online forums. A place where many high visibility folks in the SEO/M space come to post
  • HighRankings Forums – Jill Whalen, a very well-known and respected SEO runs HighRankings, a place where you’ll also find experts like Scottie Claiborne, Dan Thies and Alan Perkins
  • DigitalPoint Forums – Shawn Hogan’s incredibly popular (and somewhat noisy) forum on everything related to the web
  • WebProWorld Forums – A large, web development and SEO forum with a very diverse group of posters
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Acara Konferensi SEO/SEM Internasional

  • Search Engine Strategies (SES) Conferences – Each year, SES runs 6-10 conferences worldwide, including several shows inNorth America that I’ll typically speak at
  • WebMasterWorld (WMW) Conferences – 2-3 Times each year, Brett Tabke, the owner of WMW runs conferences that attract a large group of SEOs
  • Ad:Tech – An interactive marketing conference that has begun to address many of the issues of SEO and search marketing as well
  • SEO by the Sea – An industry insider event sponsored by Bill Slawski as well as a blog on SEO events and subjects

Situs Tentang Cara Kerja Mesin Pencari

Situs Tentang Analisa Link (Link Analysis)

  • Search Engine Ranking Factors – From SEOmoz, see section on “Factors Affecting the Value of a Link” for link analysis information
  • Block Level Link Analysis – From Microsoft Research on how search engines can segment pages into pieces of content to help devalue links from non editorial content

Situs Tentang Riset Kata Kunci (Keyword Research)

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Aksesibilitas Situs (Accessibility)

Struktur Informasi Situs (Information Architecture)

Isu Seputar Duplikasi Konten (Duplicate Content Issues)

Situs Untuk Mempelajari Usability

Situs Seputar Web Design

Situs untuk Belajar Menulis Konten Situs (Content Writing)

Situs Tentang Link Bait

Situs Seputar Upaya Membangun Komunitas Pembaca (Community Building)

Situs Seputar Press Releases

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Bagaimana Membangun Public Relations

Situs Tentang Link Building

Situs Membahas Seputar Pencarian Sampah (Search Spam)

Situs Tentang Website Analytics and Visitor Tracking

Situs Membahas Bagaimana Memilih Perusahaan SEO/SEM


Tentunya masih sangat banyak situs lainnya yang berhubungan dengan ilmu SEO yang tidak sempat kami tuliskan di sini. Silahkan cari sendiri jika list di atas dirasa belum cukup. :)